USA - New Orleans: Preserving the wetlands to increase climate change resilience

Inclusion of wetland conservation and restoration activities in the New Orleans Masterplan signals a significant change of flood-defence tactics in the region from an emphasis on levees and floodgates to the incorporation of more natural solutions. The focus on wetlands as a natural buffer responds to the calls of research emphasising the importance of wetlands in flood protection.

Type Case Study
Class Case Studies
Country United States
Biome Inland Waters
Threat Type Sea level rise, Increased frequency or intensity of extreme climat events
Impact Sea level rise, Increased exposure to natural hazards, Changing hydrological regimes
Adaptation Activities Protection of habitat, Restoration of degraded habitats, Peatland conservation
Tool Type Risk Management, Policy development, Conservation
Date Added 19 July 2011
Date Modified 19 July 2011

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme