Ecosystem-based Adaptation by small-holder farmers in Sweden

An informal network of small-holder farmers in Roslagen has found a niche in low-input agriculture, producing high-quality and organic products. They have developed a range of ecosystem-based practices that help manage change and adapt to uncertain conditions and disturbances. The farmers use local networks to share best practice and local ecological knowledge.

Type Case Study
Class Case Studies
Country Sweden
Biome Agricultural Landscapes
Threat Type Changes in temperature, Changes in precipitation, Increased frequency or intensity of extreme climat events, Change in seasonal patterns
Impact Increased risk of insect infestations, Changes in nutrient cycling and soil biodiversity, Changing hydrological regimes
Adaptation Activities Sustainable agricultural practices
Tool Type Risk Management
Date Added 19 July 2011
Date Modified 19 July 2011

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme