Restoration of saltmarsh through managed realignment of coastal defences along the North Sea coast of the UK

This case study is an example of ecosystem restoration for the purpose of coastal flood risk reduction and habitat creation. Managed realignment describes the repositioning of an existing hard sea defence to a more landward location, allowing accommodation space for the creation of intertidal habitat; the resultant increase in the intertidal zone allowing increased flood water storage and wave attenuation (Möller et al., 1999). Managed realignment was implemented at Freiston Shore, Lincolnshire, UK in August 2002.

Type Case Study
Class Case Studies
Country United Kingdom
Biome Marine and Coastal Ecosystems
Threat Type Sea level rise, Changes in precipitation, Increased frequency or intensity of extreme climat events, Change in seasonal patterns
Impact Sea level rise
Adaptation Activities Construction of protective infrastructure
Tool Type Risk Management, Cross sector management
Date Added 19 July 2011
Date Modified 19 July 2011

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme