Monitoring Climate Change in the Arctic Coastal Plain

Objectives: 1. To identify key regions for wildlife in the NPR-A and to gain protections for these areas in advance of development 2. To monitor climate change in the Arctic, assessing how sea ice is fading from this region and how that endangers polar bears and other wildlife

Type Case Study
Class Monitoring Tools
Country United States
Biome Inland Waters, Polar ecosystems
Specie Arctic Fox, Polar bear, Muskoxen, Swans, Buff-breasted sandpipers, Bar-tailed godwits, Arctic terns, Parasitic jaegers, Dunlin, Caribou, Whales, Seals
Threat Type Changes in temperature, Sea level rise, Glacial / Permafrost Melting
Impact Changes in species composition, Decreased biological productivity
Tool Type Assessment, Conservation
Date Added 7 October 2009
Date Modified 7 October 2009

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme