Observatory for Mangrove Monitoring and Evaluation Project

Objectives: 1. Setting up of a tool for mangrove’s monitoring on ecologic and economic grounds 2. To provide a propitious framework for evaluation of projects and actions that have a direct or indirect impact on mangrove, thus setting out a reference framework on the functioning and ways to utilise this ecosystem in Guinea-Bissau’s coastal areas Outcomes: 1. Stations and Observatory office set up, equipped and endowed with qualified technical staff 2. Monitoring and research programmes are adopted on the basis of a strong institutional and technical cum scientific partnership 3. A manual on mangrove’s protection and management measures, ecologic processes and littoral stabilisation is prepared and disseminated 4. Specific legislation and data bank exist 5. Different actors and modus operandi in the production field are identified 6. A manual on techniques and micro-projects aimed at the enhancement of mangrove products is prepared 7. The data bank contains sufficient information for studies on environmental impact (EIA) 8. Proposals for the recovery of degraded areas are prepared and presented to decision- making entities

Type Case Study
Class Case Studies, Monitoring Tools
Country Guinea-Bissau
Biome Forests, Marine and Coastal Ecosystems
Threat Type Increased frequency or intensity of extreme climat events
Impact Habitat and species loss, Water salinization
Adaptation Activities Restoration of degraded habitats
Tool Type Assessment
Link http://unfccc.int/resource/docs/napa/gnb01.pdf
Date Added 7 October 2009
Date Modified 7 October 2009

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme