Monitoring of Coastal Area Erosion

Objectives: Production of a synthesis of multidisciplinary knowledge on coastal erosion and the workings of the coastal environment with a view to finding a tool meant to help in decisionmaking Outcomes: Small-scale works to provide protection against coast erosion are carried out in critical locations Problems: The project’s reliance on external funding constitutes the main risk facing the project. Another risk relates to national universities; none of the two universities has hitherto curricula and courses on natural sciences and the environment. Such a fact ma

Type Case Study
Class Case Studies, Monitoring Tools
Country Guinea-Bissau
Biome Marine and Coastal Ecosystems, Islands
Threat Type Increased frequency or intensity of extreme climat events
Impact Erosion
Adaptation Activities Restoration of degraded habitats
Tool Type Assessment, Conservation, Cross sector management
Date Added 7 October 2009
Date Modified 7 October 2009

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme